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Transformational LeadershipView360 provides leaders, and those looking to move into leadership positions, with an understanding of their transactional and transformational leadership skills. With its primary focus on Transformational leadership skills that encourage, stimulate and engage others to achieve greater engagement and productivity, it is ideal for developing leaders who truly want to make a difference.

Transformational LeadershipView360 assesses 48 behavioural questions in 2 areas:
• Transformational
• Transactional

The feedback report compares the leader's self-perception with those of board members, managers, direct reports, peers, team members and others, and produces a detailed report. This report is ideal for leadership and management development planning.
Have you considered how you will drive behaviour change and manage the progress of goals set after the 360-degree feedback process?
If your goal is to drive real behaviour change, 360-degree assessments are only the beginning. You need a framework for turning assessment-generated awareness into goals and actions. Add some on-going encouragement and automated reminders, and you've got a system for achieving amazing results. Please see Momentor to understand more about how to help drive behaviour change in your organisation.

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