Coach Tools for Modern Managers by dr. Finn Petersen (IPM, Denmark-Lithuania) - beneficial, active and powerful 3 days training for Managers & Executives. 

Content of the training:

  • The Power of the Right Questions
  • Dealing with Hard Situations differently
  • Defining Goals for You, Subordinates, Colleges, Clients and Company by using Coaching and assessment
  • Effective way of General Situation Diagnostic
  • Creating Effective Idea & Situation of Action
  • Review of Competencies: Leadership, Communication, Interpersonal, Analysis and Decision-making, Initiative and Effort, Planning and Organizing and how to use them with high benefit
  • Leading Edge Guide: Creating a Vision, Stimulating the Environment, Goal Setting, Providing Feedback, Career Development
  • Overview of own and others Work Preferences: Power, Participation, People or Process and how to use them with high benefit
  • Dealing with Emotional Influence: Impact on the professional job or the personality (Emotional Intelligence) and how to use them with high benefit

 Benefits of the training:

  • Mastering some of the best modern Coaching tools for managing people
  • Developing managerial competency through better self-understanding
  • Getting knowledge about your strengths and weaknesses in the organization as a manager and a team member
  • Learning how to coach and develop people to reach the success and the goals 
  • Learning to use the combination of the supporting tool-kits in a daily work with your company personnel
  • Learning to use the knowledge in a positive and effective way
  • Becoming a better manager.

We offer you Coaching Tool-kit with support of Facet5 Tool-kit for Managers. This training is based on The Power Education Action Learning-System® which consists of:

  • coaching
  • work facilitation
  • personal development
  • new learning experience
  • analysis
  • communication
  • work individually
  • work in a team
  • development of new solutions
  • learning by doing
This system comprises of: 20% theory and 80% active learning.

Is this training for you?

Coaching is a way of leading people with great success. Research has shown that, compared to other tools, both companys and individual success is reached faster and with greater results by using Coaching as a Manager tool.

Research has shown, that if the Manager knows and understands his peoples and own capacities, strengths, weaknesses and becomes aware of his personal managerial style, it enables him/her to reach the success with people much easier. This knowledge is achieved by the means of one of the most developed and worldwide recognized assessment tool - Facet5.

Another step is adapting this unique coach style to lead and manage people in the right way. That is why we offer you effective training that helps to develop the right Coaching skills which are build on or adjusted to your personal management style. Clear understanding and using the combination of these tools gives the positive results for the Manager himself, the Company and all employees by improving working environment, results, atmosphere, managing stress, getting more clear communication and much more.

Are you ready to use the best of your personality for Your as Manager’s and Company growth and success? Do not forget, that the biggest changes lay in a very simple but effective things and actions.

The trainer - dr. Finn Petersen 

Training language: English.

If you are interested and would like to have this training as an internal training for your company - please contact us.  

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