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It is more than assessment. It is a system that unites selection, training, sales management, customer relationship management and sales organizational development. SalesKey is designed to assess your preferences in selling situations.

Sales Key® tool is a street-smart, validated assessment of key behavioural competencies proven to impact sales productivity. Sales Key is the most comprehensive high-tech sales performance questionnaire on the market today. So it is perfect for anyone to explore his or her strengths.

Sales Key® was developed by Dr. Dave Barnett. Dr. Barnett has nearly 30 years of sales and sales management experience as well as being recognized as a leader in sales selection assessment technology.

Sales Key® has a proven track record of helping sales organizations increase sales. So whatever kind of selling you are doing – direct sales, retail/consumer sales, high-end strategic sales (channel sales/ resellers) - Sales Key®  is the one to help you.

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