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Thinking Styles® – Strategies for Change

Thinking Styles is an occupational psychometric tool measuring cognitive preferences for twenty-six types of thinking. These are sub-divided into Sensory, People and Task Focus.

Thinking Styles is ideal for use where the quality of thinking and the strength of working relationships are critical for success. It identifies how preferred thinking preferences drive behaviour and communication style and provide insights into how these preferences affect the cognitive strategies and social relationships of people at work.

Each Thinking Styles report includes 12 mini profiles, which explore how an individuals cognitive preferences affect their leadership, management, analysis and decision-making styles as well as offering suggestions for motivating, leading and supporting change.

Thinking Styles provides strategies for developing cognitive and behavioural flexibility and can be use for mapping cognitive development over time, for example over the course of a leadership development programme or within a new job role. It is also a valuable tool for measuring change as part of a change management programme.


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