The Sales Preference Questionnaire® assessment answers three critical questions for selection, training and development of salespeople. It is an attitude and activity based questionnaire that gives objective measurements regarding Call Reluctance® - an individual's reticence to sell, self-promote or close a deal. SPQ*GOLD® is the only test designed specifically to measure the presence and severity of all 12 types of Sales Call Reluctance® behaviour. It also measures energy and goal levels. These factors are critical to success in sales.

What does SPQ*GOLD measure?

  • Amount of initiative, energy and drive devoted to proactive sales and the amount of energy spend on coping with inhibiting influences such as fear
  • Degree of goal clarity the individual applies to their work activities
  • Individual‘s ability to effectively prioritise tasks, manage time for themselves and their team and focus attention and intelligence on customer problems
  • Frustrating procedural tasks
  • The follow-up required to achieve high quality customer service
  • Which of the 12 types of Call Reluctance® a person has – and how much

What are the benefits?

  • Improving recruitment practices by answering the questions
    • how much can sales staff produce?
    • how soon will they produce at top level?
    • what will it cost to help them produce at the top level?
  • Moving teams beyond their comfort zone and into their potential as professional sales people
  • Clarifying management issues to assist better coaching and counselling
  • Reducing unnecessary sales staff turnover
  • Increasing sales productivity: Once you know what someone is afraid of, you know how to solve their root sales problems and how to help themselves better and faster

Who should be tested?

  • Managers and Trainers - because Call Reluctance® is contagious and can easily be passed on, it is important that influential people who come into contact with salespeople correctly diagnose and correct their own types of Call Reluctance®. Most progressive managers and trainers welcome this opportunity for self-assessment.
  • Existing Sales People - for two reasons:
    Training - By knowing which forms of Call Reluctance® a sales person has, or is predisposed to, trainers will know, not only what types of training to prescribe, but also how to train the individual.
    Management - The SPQ*GOLD® profile provides important information which shows why some management styles work with some salespeople and not with others, and how to best motivate them.
  • New Hires - Before they are hired, SPQ*GOLD® will tell you whether they will make those sales calls or not. It show how well a recruiter will perform and how soon a recruiter will produce. Not five years out - but next week, and next month. This allows to make bottom-line business decisions about the value of the applicant.
    Most tests measure personality traits such as intelligence, empathy, dominance, etc. These are called "Are" tests - they measure what people 'are'. The SPQ*GOLD® is a "Do" test - it measures what people are likely to 'do' in different sales situations. This means the SPQ*GOLD® should come first because it helps establish candidacy for the sales position. Only if a person is a valid candidate, does it make financial sense to spend money on other testing instruments and other hiring processes.

This 110-question computer-scored assessment was developed by behavioural scientists George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson. The most rigorously validated instrument of its kind, SPQ*GOLD® is used by sales-dependent organizations worldwide to help streamline selection procedures, maximize training effectiveness and improve sales productivity. The test is also appropriate for individuals seeking on-target insights into overcoming career-limiting emotions.

The Questionnaire is available in English.

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