Cognitive Team Roles™ identifies individual preferences within a team for 10 recognised cognitive and behavioural roles. The cognitive team dynamics, strengths, weaknesses and potential conflicts are mapped onto a wheel, helping teams to:

  • Develop self-awareness of their individual and team thinking preferences and flexibilities
  • Balance their focus of attention appropriately on the three areas of thinking, implementing and achieving results
  • Identify any critical areas of weakness before they begin to adversely affect performance

The Cognitive Team Roles model utilises 10 critical dimensions from Thinking Styles and compares team members personal preferences for each role. The tool is used to:

  • Enhance respect and trust within the team or all team members and for their roles within the team
  • Reduce some of the stresses that being in a team can bring
  • Help teams to harness their energy and improve performance
  • Help teams to cope successfully with new situations
  • Ease the integration of new members to the team and help teams manage the process of members leaving

Cognitive Team Roles is ideal for all teams at any stage of their development, from newly-formed to mature teams. It can also be used for selecting short-term project team members. Uniquely, Cognitive Team Roles is also suitable for mapping the strengths and dynamics of "performing partnerships", i.e. teams of two.



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